Education, Teaching, and Policy

In a time when future success depends so heavily on early learning outcomes, the education industry and its supporting fields demand a unique blend of talented professionals. With new research insights in teaching and learning, the growth of education technology, and high demand for critical thinkers in non-profit, public, and private roles, the education sector is rapidly evolving. From a career perspective, the sector needs policy analysts, researchers, software programmers, consultants, and of course, great educators for diverse settings. Our education panelists and roundtable discussion leaders will discuss this changing landscape and address it from multiple perspectives reflecting their varied roles. These include researching national education concerns, directing urban education reform initiatives, and teaching and leading schools across Chicago and beyond. Our alumni will demonstrate how the education industry offers a vast number of highly fulfilling careers and will shed practical light on career navigation.

Panel Participants

Michelle Oliva, AB'01, AM'01

Co-Founder and Director, EduDream

Michelle Oliva is the Co-Founder of EduDream. Founded by two UChicago alumni, EduDream partners with schools, districts, foundations and nonprofits working to ensure educational equity for racially and economically diverse students. There, she co-leads projects across the organization's service areas (data insights, research and program evaluation, needs-assessment and strategic planning, and technical assistance), and provides leadership on EduDream's strategic direction. Michelle has over a decade of experience conducting collaborative research, program evaluations, policy analyses and technical assistance at the federal, state and local levels. Michelle's passion for more equitable education experiences for all students stems from her personal experiences as a product of the Chicago Public Schools, daughter of immigrants, first generation college student and graduate. Michelle earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the College and a Masters of Arts in Social Sciences from University. She is fluent in written and conversational Spanish.