Entertainment and Creative Arts

Entertainment and creative arts industries have a vast reach on American culture and society, spanning a diverse range of career opportunities. This industry brings in alumni with backgrounds from a variety of different fields. From film & media production to theater and American poetry, there are professionals who have drawn from their experiences at UChicago to make their mark on media, television, the silver screen, the stage, and beyond. Alumni will share their experiences about how they took advantage of their UChicago experiences and refined the skills they accrued from their education to ones they now use in the work force.

Panel Participants

David Goodman, AB'84, AB'84


Mr. Goodman graduated from the College with a degree in political science. After a short stint in book publishing, he started writing, and was soon hired as a staff writer on The Golden Girls. Since then, he has written for 20 television series, including American Dad, Futurama, and Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as Family Guy, where he's worked on and off for the last eighteen years, six of them as head writer and Executive Producer. He is currently Executive Producer and a writer on "The Orville", Seth MacFarlane's one-hour drama/comedy for Fox . He is also the author of three Star Trek related books, "Federation: the First 150 Years", "The Autobiography of James T. Kirk", and "The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard." He is currently President of the Writers Guild of America West.

Lucas Wiesendanger, AB'07, MA Sociology 2010 (Yale)

Vice President, Red Wagon Entertainment

Lucas graduated from the College in 2007 with a degree in Sociology. While at U of C, he was part of the circus group Le Vorris and Vox and volunteered with Doc Films. He entered a PhD program in Sociology at Yale, but left after a few years to move to Hollywood. After a several years stint at the Gersh agency, he moved to Red Wagon Entertainment where he is now Vice President under producers Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher. His focus is on developing and producing wide-release feature films.