TNS Panel Detail

Consultants have diverse interests and backgrounds, from fashion and chemistry to tennis and technology. They advise corporate leaders across all industries and geographies on the most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, operations, transformations, sustainability, and more. This year, panelists and roundtable discussion leaders hail from a wide range of professional backgrounds, from healthcare consulting to technology consulting. Together, they will share their experiences entering and working in the consulting industry. Join us for a good conversation and the opportunity to ask specific questions about the industry.

Roundtable Participants

Philip Crean, AB'16

Jr. Associate, Growth Consulting, IRI

Mr. Crean graduated from the College in 2016 with a degree in History. While in the College, he was involved with MUNUC, Eckhart Consulting, and the Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy. After graduating from the College, Mr. Crean joined IRI's Growth Consulting practice, where he is a jr. associate in the Chicago office. His work focuses on providing strategic advisory services to top consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. He lives in Chicago and remains active in the University community through IRI's campus recruiting initiatives and by advising Eckhart Consulting case teams.