Consultants advise a wide variety of clients, ranging from multinational Fortune 500 companies to tiny tech startups to non-profit organizations, on critical issues facing their businesses. They are experts in strategy, marketing, operations, transformations, sustainability, and more, and they utilize their knowledge to transform their clients' businesses in order to maximize profit, efficiency, and impact. This year, panelists and roundtable discussion leaders hail from a wide range of professional backgrounds and together, they will share their experiences entering and working in the consulting industry. Consulting is a profession that requires top-notch problem solving and analytical skills, and our guests will offer insight into what their University of Chicago education means to them as a professional in the industry. Join us for the opportunity to meet, listen to and ask the highly successful professionals that will be joining us specific questions about the consulting industry!

Alumni panelists for this industry are still being confirmed. Check back soon for updated participant information and biographies.